Digitising rare and obscured cultural heritage and publishing it online for creative reuse.

This project uncovers rare and obscured cultural heritage and helps to publish it online for wider access and reuse. We bring historians, writers, copy editors, photographers, videographers, designers, cartographers, digital media artists, data wranglers, sound artists, archivists and wikimedians into the mix, to develop and promote innovative, entrepreneurial and artistic reuse of the heritage.


We are operating out of RMIT, with student interns helping to set up our channels and researchers developing our methods. We’re aiming to be established and confident by end of 2018, and begin applying for funding for 2019.

To ensure transparency and openness, we will list and prepare our funding applications here. We openly invite partnership and collaboration.

  • Applications commence late 2018 and will be listed here.


Leigh Blackall – Project manager – Educational Developer College of Design and Social Context RMIT

Pru Mitchell – Project consultant – Manager of Information Services at the Australian Council for Education Research and, President of Wikimedia Australia

John MacKinnon – Media Design Internship Coordinator – Lecturer in the RMIT Digital Design Cluster

Sue Reynolds – Information Management Internship Coordinator – Senior Lecturer in RMIT’s Master of Information Management

Joshua Sallen – Intern – Website and communications

Hanyun Li – Intern – Video documentary and website

Morry Jiang – Intern – Video documentary, website and film digitisation

Jane Szokolik – Intern – Information management and archives


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Wikipedia Project page (in development)



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